UN Kills Over 1,100 Haitians by Causing Cholera Outbreak

There is no crisis so great that the corrupt and incompetent transnational nitwits at the United Nations cannot make it much worse:

The mounting circumstantial evidence that U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal brought cholera to Haiti was largely dismissed by U.N. officials. Haitians who asked about it were called political or paranoid. Foreigners were accused of playing “the blame game.” The World Health Organization [an agency of the UN] said the question was simply “not a priority.”

But [last] week, after anti-U.N. riots and inquiries from health experts, the top U.N. representative in Haiti said he is taking the allegations very seriously.

It may have taken a few riots, but UN bureauweenies are finally worried about losing their nonexistent credibility. Meanwhile, grownups are concerned that the cholera could spread via Haitian immigrants into the USA.

For all the problems in Haiti, at least cholera was not one of them — until the UN do-gooders came.

In March, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said cholera was “extremely unlikely to occur” in Haiti. There were no cholera bacteria there. Most foreigners were relief workers with good sanitation who come from countries where cholera is not an issue.

Then it did happen. There are now more than 1,100 dead; experts say hundreds of thousands will fall ill as the disease haunts Haiti for years.

Even more surprisingly, it did not first appear in a major port, an earthquake tent camp or an area where foreigners are concentrated, but instead along the rural Artibonite River.

Speculation keeps returning to that river and a base home to 454 U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal. They are perched on a babbling waterway called the Boukan Kanni, part of the Meille River that feeds into the Artibonite.

People living nearby have long complained about the stink in the back of the base and sewage in the river. Before the outbreak began they had stopped drinking from that section of the river, depending instead on a source farther up the mountain.

The latest Nepalese deployment came in October, after a summer of cholera outbreaks in Nepal. … The CDC has said the strain of cholera in Haiti matches one found most prevalently in South Asia.

Initially the UN boasted that its septic facilities met US EPA standards.

But when the AP visited on Oct. 27, a tank was clearly overflowing. The back of the base smelled like a toilet had exploded. Reeking, dark liquid flowed out of a broken pipe, toward the river, from next to what the soldiers said were latrines. … At the shovel-dug waste pits across the street sat yellow-brown pools of feces where ducks and pigs swam in the overflow. The path to the river ran straight downhill.

Now that it’s done ignoring the issue, the UN is responding exactly as we have come to expect: by demanding more money. It wants $164 million to deal with the outbreak that it caused. Empty your pockets, taxpayers! Don’t you care about the world’s downtrodden?

Hat tip: Smash A Banana. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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