Five Years After Acquittal, Casey Anthony Emerges… and You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now

Five Years After Acquittal, Casey Anthony Emerges… and You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now

Today is the fifth anniversary of Casey Anthony being acquitted of murdering her baby girl and guess what? She’s bored. She’s also sad… not as sad as her dead baby I would wager. Fresh out of pity here. SMH forever over this one. She should never have walked. She has cut ties with her parents and brother – who I assume want nothing to do with the murderess – and dates through people her attorneys introduce her to. She has started a photography business as well. Her former lawyers – one of which has denied accusations that he agreed to represent Anthony in exchange for sexual favors – largely make up her remaining friends. Her only friends should be behind bars and the only future she should have had was with a needle.


From the Daily Mail:

When Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in 2011, she couldn’t contain her excitement in court – breaking down in tears of happiness.

The next day, pictures of her ear-to-ear grin covered the nation’s newspapers.

But if she had known the kind of life of ‘freedom’ she was stepping into, Anthony maybe wouldn’t have smiled so much.

Sources close to the woman once accused of murdering her toddler daughter have spoken to People magazine to detail her life five years after the surprise acquittal.

They paint a picture of a sad and boring life for the 30-year-old – whose high-profile trial has excluded her from holding down a regular job and made her a social pariah.

Anthony lives in south Florida on a fixed income and we are supposed to feel sorry for her. Not a chance. She gets to live which is a whole hell of a lot more than her toddler daughter gets to do. Her fixed income doesn’t allow her to do anything ‘extra’. When she comes up short, sources say her former lawyers pitch in to give her financial support. You know, I’ve never heard of lawyers being so giving. She’s spoken with her mom a couple of times, but that ended. Her father never wants to speak with her again. She also burned a bridge with her brother Lee, when she accused him of molesting her during the trial, Lee married his longtime girlfriend in 2012 and the couple have since had a baby boy. This woman is a peach. What a horrific waste of humanity.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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