You’ll Be LIVID When You See What Obama Did on the 4th of July

You’ll Be LIVID When You See What Obama Did on the 4th of July

I have always suspected that Barack Obama doesn’t have a soft spot for America… but yesterday he confirmed he has nothing but disdain for America. Rather than celebrate the anniversary of our declaring our independence, he decides to give Americans a long lecture yesterday. He really makes me sick!


Independence Day is a proud day for most Americans as we reflect on our nation’s founding and our independence from the tyrants that once held us down. However, the current tyrant in the White House chose to ignore our nation’s rich history while bashing our traditions, then he went on to call on Americans to adjust their priorities this holiday and focus on fixing America’s “imperfections.” Going off on a rant about how the day isn’t about fireworks, hot dogs, or burgers, Obama said we must “keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some.”

“That story of independence is not something that happens and then we just put away,” Obama said. “It’s something that we have to fight for every single day. It’s something that we have to nurture, and we have to spread the word, and we have to work on.”

That’s cute that this president wants to lecture the American people on freedom when he continuously abuses his presidential power to circumvent the Constitution and strong-arm his tyrant regime onto the American people. And, just who is this president wanting to “extend further freedom” to? Let me guess, maybe he means more free benefits to his refugees invading America or more government programs for the illegal aliens that vote to keep him in office — does that sound about right?

Check out Bibi Netanyahu classy message to the United States yesterday; THIS is the kind of message Obama should have given.

It’s doubtful that Obama listened to the words he was reading. He has spent the last 7 years doing everything he could to destroy the independence of every American. It’s especially sad on this most historic anniversary that the people around him could sit around and smile and nod at his rhetoric. The people running Washington DC disturb me deeply.

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