Hillary Gets Some BAD News After FBI Announcement

Hillary Gets Some BAD News After FBI Announcement

GREAT NEWS!!!! After months of being told that Donald Trump couldn’t stand a chance against Hillary, we’re getting happy news. Mrs. Clinton’s lead shrinks to 5 points in a national poll!

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From DownTrend:

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has narrowed to single digits in a new national poll.

Clinton tops her likely general election rival by 5 points, 45.6 to 40.4 percent, in the USA Today/Suffolk University poll released on Monday.

Two months ago, Clinton led the businessman by double digits, 50 to 39 percent, in that poll.

Including Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein as potential options drops Clinton’s lead over Trump to 4 points, 39 percent to 35 percent.

Monday’s poll comes as both Clinton and Trump have solidified their standing as their parties’ presumptive nominees despite their in-the-red favorability ratings.

Fifty-three percent have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, 60 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, and one in five—or roughly 20 percent—have a negative opinion of both candidates, according to the poll.

According to the poll, 61 percent of likely voters feel “alarmed” about the election, while 23 percent are “excited” and another 9 percent say they are “bored.”

Every month that passes Clinton slides even further in the polls… there aren’t many % points left to hold her place until November!

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