FL man accused of beating seven year-old stepson to death for sneaking out of bed to steal a cookie

FL man accused of beating seven year-old stepson to death for sneaking out of bed to steal a cookie

Jack Junior Montgomery, 31, of Tampa, Florida, is being charged with a crime that is hard to fathom. He has been accused of beating his 7 year-old stepson to death because the young boy got out of bed one night and tried to get himself a cookie. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there. (I didn’t know that was possible either, but apparently some people are out to one-up the worst of the worst.)

Reports indicate that the young child was simply up to get a cookie in the middle of the night when his step-father turned into a monster, punching him in the face, throwing him around the hotel room and forcing his two step-brothers to partake in the violence, or else they would receive the same treatment themselves.

The boys had been left in the care of Montgomery by their mother, who worked a double shift that night.

“While she was out working [Montgomery] chose to not only physically discipline this child himself, by not only repeatedly punching and throwing him on the ground — but threatening bodily harm upon the two brothers if they did not partake and equally discipline him,” said Assistant State Attorney Matthew Smith while in court.

The horrors didn’t end there. In fact, this is a trauma that will stay with all of the brothers for one terrible reason.

“As if that was not aggravated enough, Mr. Montgomery took the child, put him in bed and had his siblings sleep with him while Brice was dead that entire night,” Smith added.

Reports indicated that the boy died either seconds or minutes after he was thrown head-first into a cabinet, which caused serious head injuries and ultimately resulted in his death.

The fact that the young boys were not only forced to partake in the abuse, but were made to sleep next to their dead brother’s body is something that is hard for even the most hardened among us to stomach.

If he is tried and convicted, Montgomery faces the death penalty. I don’t know which is more fitting, an immediate death like what he delivered to the child, or if he should be forced to suffer in the penal system, rotting away until there is nothing left but a shell of a man. Both options have their appeal, I won’t lie, but ultimately I think the decision should rest with the grieving mother of the young boy who was brutally murdered by a man that they both trusted.

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