Woman staring at her phone has her leg cut off after getting stuck between elevator doors

Woman staring at her phone has her leg cut off after getting stuck between elevator doors

Okay, can we talk about how this is my ultimate fear, for a second? I’ve seen a lot of horror movies and every time someone gets into an elevator I have to look away. I’m so afraid of walking into and out of elevator doors for this exact reason. Not that there is any realistic chance of this happening (I haven’t seen the stats on elevator-related deaths but I assume they’re quite low,) but you can never be too sure.

A young woman in China appears to have had her leg severed from the knee down after she tripped into a faulty lift that had already begun moving. While the video doesn’t show the gory details (thank the Lord,) it does seem to indicate that the woman did indeed have her leg crushed and that’s something I can’t bring myself to think about.

The video shows the young woman staring at her phone as the elevator appears to start moving on its own. This was later attributed to a malfunction.

The woman didn’t note that it had started to move on its own and stepped in, tripping over the lip and falling onto the floor. Her right leg was shut in the doors at about her knee as the elevator rose. You can see that as the light disappears from the crack in the elevator doors, the woman’s behavior changes and it appears she is in a significant amount of pain and distress.

The incident took place on June 21, 2017, but the video was only recently released. It is currently unknown whether the woman survived the incident, but we do know that it took place at the Conch Building in Zhongshan West Road of Shanghai.

While we don’t actually know what happened to the woman’s leg because the video doesn’t show us all that much, it was reported that the elevator ascended three floors until it stopped again and the woman was along for the entire ride. I think we all know that she certainly didn’t get to keep her leg.

Just the idea that this happened somewhere in the world makes it infinitely more terrifying for me to step into an elevator. Thankfully, I don’t have to take them very often, so I’m more-or-less safe, but it certainly makes me want to opt for the stairs more frequently.

In all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers go out to this woman, who is clearly suffering, provided that she actually survived the freak accident.

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