Former NYPD Detective: Media Suppressing Racial Element Behind “Knockout” Game Because It’s Black-On-White Crime

Former NYPD Detective: Media Suppressing Racial Element Behind “Knockout” Game Because It’s Black-On-White Crime

Have you heard of the “knockout” game?


On Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Tuesday night, former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl explained why the “Knockout” game – an activity which involves sucker-punching an unsuspecting bystander with the goal of knocking them unconscious – is something the news media should be devoting more attention to, despite its racial aspects.

According to Dietl, the media has largely ignored the trend because it involves black-on-white crime.

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“That was the Bloods and the Crips were involved with that,” Dietl said. “Also, there was – you had to go shoot somebody. But this thing, again, it’s being suppressed by the news media. The liberal news media doesn’t want to say exactly what it is. It’s gangs of black youths attacking whites. It’s called polar bear hunting. It’s called Jews being targeted. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s black-on-white crime. That’s racism.”

DIETL: People have to protect themselves. The news media should let people know this is going on. You see a gang of young blacks, coming, here we go – all the anti-racial stuff comes out. You see a gang of kids walking away, be careful. Put your guard up. Let people know –
HANNITY: You’re saying that they’re targeting people that…
DIETL: For the color of their skin
HANNITY: … the color of their skin. Are they hitting children, too, as well as women?
DIETL: – women and men.
REMI SPENCER: And you know what? We’re not speculating –
DIETL: And young boys.
SPENCER: – here. We’re not guessing. They’re posting these things on Facebook, on Twitter and on YouTube! In one that I reviewed before coming on your show tonight, one of the black young men who did this, his caption was, “That white girl bleed a lot.” There has been a book published with that title, talking about this kind of knockout game. So we know that the evidence is there. And it’s up to law enforcement to prosecute them for this serious crime.

One of the biggest problems with the media liberals today is their blatant double standards. If they get the slightest whiff of a racially motivated crime committed against a black American, the MSM trumpets every detail of the case from the roof tops. But, when the shoe is on the other foot and a black American commits a racially motivated crime against a white person, then suddenly they get coy. The problem with this is that the media’s slanted version of the truth creates a skewed perception with the public that thinks black on white crime is rare while white on black crime is common. That has real consequences when something like the Trayvon Martin case comes around. So, instead of deciding what the American people “can handle,” maybe the MSM should just do its job and report what happens and let the chips fall where they may.

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