Spirit Airlines Makes Fun Of Obamacare In Latest Ad

Spirit Airlines Makes Fun Of Obamacare In Latest Ad

Spirit Airlines was already my favorite airline, primarily because you can get really cheap first class equivalent seats if you buy in early enough. Course, I like ’em after seeing this advertisement.


This actually seems pretty significant because corporations like Spirit typically like to steer clear on controversial political issues. So, the fact that the people at Spirit feel comfortable enough to do an ad mocking Obamacare tells you that they believe the poor performance of the law is so widely known and accepted that they aren’t going to catch a lot of flack for pointing it out. Put another way, Obamacare has become such a joke that they don’t think that even most liberals are going to be offended by their mocking advertisement. That’s bad news for the Obama administration and good news for those of us who intend to see the law repealed.

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