GOVERNMENT OUT OF CONTROL: Dad ARRESTED For Asking To Pick His Kids Early From School

GOVERNMENT OUT OF CONTROL: Dad ARRESTED For Asking To Pick His Kids Early From School

A father in: Tennessee: who didn’t want to wait in a long line of traffic to pick his kids up from school decided to pick them up on foot instead – the decision ended in him going to jail.

South Cumberland Elementary: began a new policy recently that said parents can only get their children after 2 p.m. by waiting in a line of cars until students are released at 2:35, according to: Jim Howe, the parent of two children attending the school. dad

An administrator asked Howe to fill out a form to allow his children to walk home on their own, while school resource officer Avery Aytes berated Howe for being “childish,” saying he wasn’t “putting up with this today.”

It’s not clear what took place beforehand, but it was at this point that Howe’s fiance captured the incident on video, according to the local ABC affiliate.

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“I’m not raising my voice, I’m not confrontational, I want my kids,” Jim Howe can be heard saying in the YouTube video.

“School is out — my children are to be given to me,” Howe would say just before he was arrested.

“It doesn’t say when!” Aytes shot back. “School is out, they will give you your child, but it doesn’t say when now does it?”

It’s sure to come as a real surprise to most parents that when they send their children to school each morning, the school assumes legal custody until they decide otherwise – at least in Tennessee.


“You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children. They are our children,” Howe told WATE 6 News.

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