Google Might Pull From China, China’s Cyber-War With The U.S.

A new front exists in a war for international dominance: the internet. China has been up to some very bad behavior. From the Washington Post:

Computer attacks on Google that the search giant said originated in China were part of a concerted political and corporate espionage effort that exploited security flaws in e-mail attachments to sneak into the networks of major financial, defense and technology companies and research institutions in the United States, security experts said.

At least 34 companies — including Yahoo, Symantec, Adobe, Northrop Grumman and Dow Chemical — were attacked, according to congressional and industry sources. Google, which disclosed on Tuesday that hackers had penetrated the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights advocates in the United States, Europe and China, threatened to shutter its operations in the country as a result.

So Google is saying that it wants free searches in China. Finally. This is what they should have done to begin with and Google needs to have teams of people fighting this sort of war–for your protection and mine.

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And what can the government do about this?

The government, it seems, is worried about 8 year olds. And Tea Partiers.

With the government’s priorities so out of whack, with their inability to see the real enemies, Americans are not only left undefended, they’re also harassed by the very ones who should protect them.

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