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Much of this is bloggable, but since I don’t have time, I’m sharing the links with a bit of commentary. I’ll have a couple posts later.

Code Pink is asking the Muslim Brotherhood to “cleanse America” and to kidnap George Bush and his family. No, this is not made up.

A perspective on Pat Robertson’s Haiti comments.

Misery loves company. Miserable people don’t create miserable company. That is, water seeks it’s own level.

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Senator Reid is a liar about the health care bill’s cost:

What was not reported is that when a Reid was asked about the cuts to Medicare on which the CBO’s estimates of savings were based, he denied any such cuts exist in his bill and added, “The doctors endorsed our bill because they know that we’re going to do something to take care of them. The AMA endorsed our bill.”

Reid’s statement Thursday night seems to contradict page 18 of the CBO analysis of the Senate health care reform bill which states, “Under current law and under the proposal, payment rates for physicians’ services in Medicare would be reduced by about 21 percent in 2010 and then decline further in subsequent years.”

Health care reform is less popular than ever, but don’t tell Harry. Not that he’s listening anyway.

The mortgage crisis created by ARMs and other sly forms of financing is NOT over.

Don’t blame capitalism for America’s mess, blame Crony Capitalism.

These are some of the stories I wanted to pass along. More posts to follow.

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