Grinning Kansas City Man Charged By Cops With Dropping TV from Third-Story Apartment onto Woman

Grinning Kansas City Man Charged By Cops With Dropping TV from Third-Story Apartment onto Woman

Kansas City police have arrested Otishus Kirkwood for a crime you might think only happened in cartoons.

According to police, he was arrested after he dropped a television on a woman from three stories up. Which now means I’m going to be worried about walking next to tall buildings for a while.

I love my job.

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The cops were called to the apartment building to find a woman unconscious on the sidewalk, bleeding from her head. They found the shattered television not far away from where she was lying.

Otishus was promptly arrested, accused of being the one who dropped the TV that injured the woman.

Despite the seriousness of the charge and the damage he had done to an innocent woman, he was smiling in his mugshot, seen above. That’s either some kind of evil, or some kind of stupid right there. It’s hard to determine which of those two is at the wheel.

In an interesting twist, Kirkwood is a homeless guy who only stays at the apartment complex occasionally and doesn’t actually live there. The victim is a fellow homeless woman who also stays in the complex and it is believed that is how they know each other.

Kirkwood was hit with a $50,000 cash bond. He’s also facing two felony counts, one of assault in the first degree and one of armed criminal action.

I’m thinking mental illness has a role to play in this, because that’s just not something that normal, well-adjusted people do. He definitely needs to be evaluated in a psych ward and hopefully get better during his prison stay. If he’s a few tacos short of a fiesta platter, keeping him in jail really isn’t going to teach him a lesson. He needs to get evened out if they hope to rehabilitate and release him.

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