VIDEO: After his girlfriend cheated, he called the guy while she begged him not to do it…

VIDEO: After his girlfriend cheated, he called the guy while she begged him not to do it…

Being cheated on sucks. It makes you angry, upset, mistrustful and resentful. So, many of us wish we could exact revenge on a significant other who cheated on and lied to us, but not many of us get to.

And then there’s this guy, who got the greatest kind of revenge you could imagine: Letting the other guy know that the woman he was sleeping with had a man and he shouldn’t trust her again.


So apparently, the story goes like this:

He found out that she was cheating on him, so he took her phone, locked her out of the car at what appears to be a gas station (doing it in public so she can’t get away with murder, smart) and called the guy with whom she was having sex.

Now it might be a little hard to understand and there is some coarse language used on behalf of all parties involved, but this video might just be the most hilarious thing you see all week. At least from a “gotcha” standpoint.

Watch the video below:

Not gonna lie, I didn’t really understand half of what was being said there, but I do know that it was hilarious. I don’t necessarily endorse public humiliation, nor do I think taking a person’s private property is right or just, but in this case, I’m sure he returned the phone and drove off without her.

Moral of the story? Don’t cheat, especially when your boyfriend is a total savage who has no problem publishing your worst moment to the Internet, which is really something you should come to find out as you date them.

I have very little room in my heart for pity and frankly, people like her do absolutely nothing to earn it. I can’t feel bad for you being publicly embarrassed because you decided to cheat on your boyfriend.

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