Gun Enthusiast Was Shot By Her 4 Year-Old Son – Now She Learns Her Fate

Gun Enthusiast Was Shot By Her 4 Year-Old Son – Now She Learns Her Fate

A Florida woman who was shot in the back by her four year-old son in March after she fawned on social media about his shooting ability, will not be prosecuted it was announced Friday.


From the Daily Mail:

Jamie Gilt, 31, of Jacksonville, had left a loaded, unholstered .45-caliber handgun underneath the front seat of her truck on March 8. While driving it slipped back; the boy then unbuckled his belt, picked it up and fired it, hitting her in the back.

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But now, despite recommendations by police, Gilt – an outspoken gun enthusiast who posted pictures of her son with guns on social media – has escaped prosecution under a deferred-prosecution agreement.

Prior to the shooting, Gilt was an outspoken gun enthusiast who ran the Facebook group ‘Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense’ and frequently posted about her love of firearms on social media.

Her Tweets included one referring to a gun as a ‘toy’ and another that said ‘My right to protect my child with my gun trumps your fear of my gun.’

And just one day before she was shot, Gilt wrote on her ‘Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense’ page: ‘Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22’.

Since the incident, her Facebook site had been taken down. It has now returned, but the only post is a link to a news story about Gilt’s shooting.

Her Twitter page has been disabled and the publicly available posts on her Facebook account only show images of her and her son with horses.

It is not known whether this was a condition of the deferred-prosecution agreement.

Nice to know that the getting shot in the back by your son is enough of a punishment. The tone of this article rang quite anti-gun to me and I don’t believe that it was the gun’s fault. It was an accident, but you could argue that it was one brought on by negligence in storing the gun. Best not to keep it in the vehicle. But hey, it’s your right, you can deal with the consequences.

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