This Isn’t Your AVERAGE Military Surprise Video

This Isn’t Your AVERAGE Military Surprise Video

How can you not love this emotional moment a military dad surprises his son who has Down’s syndrome by sneaking up on him at his school after a long stint on tour?


From the Daily Mail:

Airman John Grieten, who had spent the last six months in Southwest Asia, was filmed standing behind his son Joshua at Newark High School in Delaware as he went about his daily activities.

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The 15-year-old, who is a student in the REACH program, was completely unaware of his dad being in the room when suddenly he walked over and asked ‘Can I sit here?’

The video showed Joshua staring at his father and saying ‘dad?’ before shouting ‘daddy’ and throwing his arms around him in excitement.

Everyone in the room can be heard clapping and cheering, while others film the reunion, as the pair continue to hug each other in delight.

After regaining his composure somewhat, the thrilled teenager then addresses the room and says: ‘Everybody, this is my dad,’ while gesturing to the airman proudly.

The adorable footage did not stop there however as the dad set off to Downes Elementary School, where his daughter Jessica is a fifth-grader, in order to surprise her in a similar way. The clip shows the 11-year-old eating lunch in a busy canteen with her friends when he sneaks in through a door behind her.

They are so happy! Does this not make you so happy for this family of strangers? There is nothing better, honestly, nothing better than these videos of kids seeing their parents.

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