Heart Racing Footage Of Machine Gun Shoot Out At Gas Station Has SHOCK Ending… [VIDEO]

Heart Racing Footage Of Machine Gun Shoot Out At Gas Station Has SHOCK Ending… [VIDEO]

Wow, if you think you can pump your gas safely these days, here’s a fella who will tell you otherwise. He took his lady friend to gas up his car… all his car got that night was bullet holes instead. However, that’s not the shocker…how the story played out is the punchline here and it’s INSANE!

All on video too…


From the Daily Mail:

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The terrifying incident occurred at the Texaco gas station on Lee Street in Jonesboro around 8.30pm.

Surveillance footage shows the driver of a black Dodger being approached by another suspect and the two men exchange words.

The suspect shows the driver he is carrying a gun in his waistband, and the driver then goes to his car and retrieves an AK pistol.

The car’s owner aims the gun at the man and appears to threaten the suspect, who jumps to the ground to shield himself.

As the suspect gets up, he runs around the front of the car and opens fire on the driver,WXIA reported.

At least four bullets strike the car’s windshield, and at least one hit the woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the Dodge.

Police said the suspect then fled in a red and black Mazda.

You’re kidding me? All those bullets and the only person that got struck with one, was the one who had nothing to do with that insanity. People have gone mad.

Also… that girl needs a new boyfriend.

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