Man Looked At Sleeping Girlfriend And Thought ‘I F**king Hate Her’ Before Doing UNSPEAKABLE… [VIDEO]

Man Looked At Sleeping Girlfriend And Thought ‘I F**king Hate Her’ Before Doing UNSPEAKABLE… [VIDEO]

There should be a class for recovering drug addicts called “Being Selective With Your Dating Choices”. This story is just heartbreaking. This poor woman was just about to start a new life on the right road after a lot of hard work getting to the point where she could. Then the man she entrusted her heart to…did something unimaginable.


From the Daily Mail:

An ex-convict from the Bronx confessed to stabbing his girlfriend to death while she was still sleeping, taking a break from stabbing to play music on his phone, then stabbing her some more, and stashing her body in a closet in their apartment.

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Police in New York have arrested Miguel Bonilla, 44, who is alleged to have killed his companion, 52-year-old Juana Alvarez, and then dumped her body in a dumpster, the New York Daily News reported.

Alvarez went missing on July 11 and hasn’t been seen since.

Bonilla confessed to the crime during a videotaped statement, which was aired on Tuesday by prosecutors in Bronx Criminal Court.

In the most chilling part of the tape, Alvarez is heard saying that he thought to himself, ‘I f—ing hate her,’ before committing the murder.

While the body has not been found, authorities say surveillance video from the building shows Alvarez using a shopping cart to transport an object that police believe to be the woman’s body.

Friends and neighbors of Alvarez said that the woman had just overcome a drug addiction and was looking forward to turning a new page in her life.

‘I used to tell her, ‘Throw him out. Throw him out. Something’s gonna happen,’ a neighbour, Maria Nevarez, told the Daily News. ‘And now look! She was a sweetheart. She didn’t deserve that.’

Bonilla, who has been arrested 25 times in his life and has also served 10 years in prison for an attempted robbery, is being charged with murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession.

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