Hero Father Catches Thugs Kidnapping His Teenage Daughter – You’ll LOVE What He Does Next…

Hero Father Catches Thugs Kidnapping His Teenage Daughter – You’ll LOVE What He Does Next…

Seventeen year-old Amber Brackney was leaving her home earlier this week when she was faced with a bizarre kidnapping attempt straight out of a movie. Of course, her four would-be kidnappers didn’t could on Amber’s father.

In Florida on Tuesday evening, Amber left her family home in her car and headed down the wooded driveway where she noticed that there were barrels set up on the road. Instead of getting out of her car to push the barrels out of the way, she decided to drive around them. The barrels, put up right before her family’s driveway met with the street, were set up in an attempt to get Amber to leave her car so she could be attacked.

Amber’s father, Terry Brackney was at home at the time when he started to hear a commotion. So Terry, a 51 year-old funeral director, decided to grab his gun and investigate the noise. Just outside of his home, he found that several teenagers were attempting to break into his garage. Police are now saying that they believe that the four teens in question were part of a group effort to trap and kidnap Terry’s daughter, attempting more than just the barrel stunt.

Terry took off after the teens, firing his gun as they ran into the woods around his property. Later that evening, possibly unaware that the barrel incident had taken place, Terry found out that the teens had been unscrewing his security lights in what appears to have been an attempt to grab Amber on her way back into her home. One of Terry’s neighbors called the police after seeing a “suspicious car,” a white 2016 Jeep Liberty leave the property. Cops later tracked the teens down, finding Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, Tyree Johson, 16, and Kamauri Horn, 15 in the vehicle along with rolls of tape, guns and a knife.

The police said that the teens had “planned to [break into] her house, confront and subdue her father [Terry], who they believed to be wealthy, and rob the home.” Terry owns the Brackney Funeral Service and his home was valued at $400,000 on the website Zillow. The four teenagers are all charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery.

Amber and her father Terry

Back in June, we reported on another kidnapping in Florida, when four teens abducted Armanda Alaniz, who was vacationing with his family when he was approached at gunpoint while packing the car. He was assaulted and robbed, and it wasn’t until Alaniz’s wife contacted the car through OnStar and the teens were arrested that they realized they had pistol-whipped and kidnapped a federal Border Protection agent. Oops.

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