Restaurant Has All HIV-Positive Staff

Restaurant Has All HIV-Positive Staff

Restaurants often use gimmicky appeals to draw in customers. Here’s a pitch tailor made for moonbats: a restaurant staffed entirely by people infected with HIV, which is usually spread through degeneracy and which causes AIDS — a horrible way to die:

Located in Toronto, the restaurant called June’s on Tuesday was serving its first meals prepared by HIV-positive cooks to dispel any notion that food preparation can spread the virus.

Let’s hope the cooks are careful with their knives. Getting their blood in the food may not spread the disease, but considering that prechewing food has transmitted HIV to infants, who knows?

The pop-up restaurant will be open for only 2 days. Giving an idea of the prevalence of moonbattery in Toronto, 200 customers bought reserved tickets for $98 apiece ($125 in Canadian dollars). With that kind of demand, they ought to make the place permanent.

Theoretically, such a restaurant is safe so long as you ignore June’s “Kiss the HIV+ Cook” aprons and don’t become too intimate with anyone who works there. Still, you might rather eat at a restaurant where none of the staff is HIV positive. But that probably wouldn’t be allowed; it would be discrimination.

On a tip from Guy B. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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