HORRIFIC Shooting Outside Church – Media Silent BECAUSE…

HORRIFIC Shooting Outside Church – Media Silent BECAUSE…

When it comes to the media, not all crimes are equal. Only some are worth covering — like the ones that help forward a liberal agenda, or feature a young and pretty white woman (preferably blonde). Anything that doesn’t fulfill those requirements is likely to be ignored. A recent mass shooting took place in Alabama, but it didn’t help push that agenda, so the media has been silent.

On Easter Sunday, a black suspect went on a shooting rampage at a carnival, which benefited the Cathedral of the Cross A.O.H. Church of God in Birmingham, Alabama. The shooter, believed to be a teenager, injured six people, five teenagers and a one year-old. A pregnant woman also had to be taken to the hospital.

Yet the only outlet to cover the story — AL.com — has been suspiciously silent about descriptors on the suspect. They only refer to him as a “teenager” or “teen.” They quoted Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Christian as saying, “He is the only suspect who fired shots. He has been identified and a search for him is being conducted.” But they didn’t give any description, so the public can be on the lookout. Interesting. Could it be because the suspect is black and shot up a black church, in a city whose population is 75% black?

Contrast this story to that of another shooter that attacked a black church — none other than the now-notorious Dylann Roof. Roof is the racist Charleston church shooter, who attacked the Emanuel AME Church and killed nine people. He’s been sentenced to nine life sentences and rightly so. The media couldn’t cover his crime enough, which is certainly fair. Roof’s crime is horrific and people needed to know about it. But what is different about Dylann Roof and the shooter at the Birmingham church, except for their race? Why does one merit national coverage and the other doesn’t?

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