New DNC Chair BOOED at DNC Event [VIDEO]

New DNC Chair BOOED at DNC Event [VIDEO]

No one should be surprised by this. In Maine, when the leader of the Maine Young Democrats mentioned Bernie Sanders, the cheers were deafening. However, when she mentioned Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, they roundly booed him. He was probably shocked, I’m not. Maine is Sanders’ country. And Democrats there feel that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in the Presidential campaign. They hate establishment Democrats.

Perez, who is the former Obama labor secretary and is regarded as belonging to the Democratic establishment, defeated Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison — a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter and an Islamist — in February for the DNC chair. The DNC chair race was largely emblematic of the party divide between moderate, pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats and left-wing, pro-Sanders progressives. And you saw it in full action there in Maine at this rally.

From The Daily Caller:

New Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez received a rude welcome at the DNC’s “Come Together Fight Back” tour stop in Portland, Maine.

“Regardless of why you showed up today, you showed up for a reason. Something compelled you to find the space and time to be here, and I want you to ask yourself what that reason is,” Claire Cummings, a leader of the Maine Young Democrats, told the crowd.

“Maybe it’s because you love a certain senator from Vermont,” Cummings said, referring to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The crowd roared with approval at the mention of Sanders’ name and started chanting his name.

“Maybe you came though because you’re curious about the new DNC chairman and the future of the Democratic party,” Cummings said, referring to Perez.

This, time, however, the crowd reacted with boos and a few scattered cheers, prompting Cummings to react with surprise before continuing.

For a ‘unity’ tour, this looks horrible for the Democrats. They can’t even unite behind their new leader. Much like the right and Donald Trump, the left wants outsiders, not moderate establishment types such as Perez. It highlights the chasm that is growing between the left and right in this country and how dangerous it is.

If Democrats brand another pro-Clinton establishment politician as the face of their party, they will lose big league in 2018 and again in 2020. And that is what Perez is. His base wants to go much further to the left and choose full-throated communism. I don’t think Perez is going to get any more popular with his base. He’s got too much political baggage and Bernie Sanders is a severe threat to the DNC right now.

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