HORROR: Teen Girl Refuses to Have Sex With Muslim ‘Refugee’… Then THIS Happens

HORROR: Teen Girl Refuses to Have Sex With Muslim ‘Refugee’… Then THIS Happens

Since the mass migration of Muslims began, reports of violent sexual assault and rape have gone through the roof. Unfortunately, attacks like this one are becoming all too common.


From Pamela Geller:

Obama is cutting the refugee screening time for theses barbarians. Posing as children, these invaders lie about their age. The attacker in this case said he was 16, but appears to be 30. This kind of fraud is rampant. Something President Obama does not take into account when he says these are just “widows and orphans” coming here from Syria. It would be funny if it weren’t so horrible.

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Google translation of this FriaTider article is a bit disjointed, but you get the picture (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Pictures from the party and the hospital where the 17-year-old girl was treated after being knifed by Karim Ageri spread in social media. Karim says he is only 16 years and the question of his age is now before the Supreme Court.
Karim 16? Stabbed Swedish girl in the face when she refused sex – now examined the case of HD
Published May 4, 2016 at 18:07
By Mattias Albinsson ✉

Domestic. Two Swedish teenage girls partying with refugees in an asylum accommodation in southern Stockholm – it ended with one of the girls was stabbed in the face after refusing set of six. The prosecutor wants to get the knife man deported from Sweden and now the question of the man’s age examined by the Supreme Court.

Knife attack in Huddinge

“16 years of bloody naive” – policewoman lecturing teenage girl who partied with refugee
“Refugee” was a grown man – convicted of stabbing spree against the girl refused to have sex
Refugee children were grown man – arrested for the brutal knife attack on woman

It was the evening of 10 last November that the party was in an asylum accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children in southern Stockholm. According to documents from the judiciary as Free Times noted the existence of both alcohol and drugs at the party. Two Swedish teenage girls, 16 to 17 years old, was with and partied with asylum seekers.

Refugee children were interested in the Swedish girls, especially one of them who according to his asylum application named Karim Ageri, is 16 years old and comes from Algeria. Karim tafsade 17-year-old girl on the butt, tried to kiss her on the mouth and made it clear that he would have sex with her. When he did not accept 17-year-old no, they chose two Swedes to sneak away from the asylum accommodation by climbing out a window.

Even in broken English, you can tell that these people are animals.

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