Muslim Does Something Horrifying to Innocent Dogs… MEDIA IGNORES!

Muslim Does Something Horrifying to Innocent Dogs… MEDIA IGNORES!

It takes a special kind of evil to assault an innocent animal. If you can’t be nice to a creature who has done absolutely nothing to you, then you need help.


From Conservative Tribune:

Many Muslims consider dogs an “unclean” animal, and therefore treatment of such animals in Muslim-majority nations like Iran can be inhumane at best — and downright evil at worst.

The Federalist contributor Stella Morabito reported last year that Iran frequently killed stray dogs using acid injection shots that cause the innocent creatures to writhe and shriek in agony as the pernicious poison slowly eats away at their international organs.

One particularly horrifying example of this depravity was captured on tape late last year.

The video showed an executioner injecting the poison into one poor dog as another man held it down with a catch pole. Both then watched as the dog squirmed in agony, its life slowly being drained. When finished with the dog, the men just left it there to continue dying.

According to Morabito, men like these are frequently hired by the Iranian government to catch and effectively torture stray dogs to death.

“Why would they use such a horrendously inhumane method?” she asked. “My guess is that they’ve been steeped in an environment that eschews kindness and specializes in cultivating various types of barbarity.”

In short, they have been raised in the culture of radical Islam, which views dogs (particularly stray ones) as a negative presence — a black sheep that must be removed by any means necessary, no matter how cruel and despicable.

How sick, twisted and cruel one must be to partake in such wickedness.

I will not be posting the video, due to its overtly graphic nature, but if you are interested in watching it, you can click here.

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