House Taken Over

Property rights are the foundation of civilization. The primary purpose of government is to secure them. Without property rights, we end up living in a world like this:

A Queens man charged with stealing a woman’s house out from under her is out on bail — and back in her house, the Daily News has learned.

Jennifer Merin, 70, says that Darrell Beatty went right back to her Laurelton home as soon as court records show he posted bail on Oct. 22.

“It’s so disturbing and unsettling,” Merin, a film critic, told The News on Tuesday. “I still don’t have my house.”

Beatty, 49, was busted last month on grand larceny and other charges for allegedly forging a deed to Merin’s home and then moving in with his two sons and their pit bull.

The sons and the pit bull remained in the house even while Beatty was briefly in jail.

There was a time when your home was your castle. The police would have dragged the lowlifes out of the house, impressing upon them the wisdom of staying away from it. Otherwise, neighbors would have performed this duty. But that’s not how things are done in New York City these days.

Jennifer Merin, displaced by squatters.

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