Husband Blows Away Bank Robber Who Kidnapped Him & His Wife

If Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama got their way on gun control, this couple in Texas would probably be dead today while the bank robbers that kidnapped them would be enjoying the money they stole. Fortunately, Nancy, Harry and Barack aren’t getting their way and so…


It was an extremely scary situation when a female bank teller and her husband were kidnapped from their home and forced to drive to the bank where the wife worked to help the thieves steal money from a safe after hours.

According to KHOU, the couple was at home, when two armed men, who knew the wife was a bank teller, forced their way in and held the couple at gunpoint.

The suspects then forced the couple into the couple’s car and told them to drive to the bank, where they forced the wife to remove money from a safe.

After that, the suspects told the husband to keep driving the car in another direction.

At some point during that drive, the husband was able to gain access to his personal firearm, which was in the vehicle.

He opened fire on the suspects, hitting both of them. One of the suspects died of his injuries and the other is in serious condition.

One bank robber dead and one in the hospital while the innocent victims are both just fine — Thank you, guns! You’ve saved yet more innocent lives!

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