Illegal Alien Rapes And Impregnates His Teenage Stepdaughter – The Reason Why Is SICK

Illegal Alien Rapes And Impregnates His Teenage Stepdaughter – The Reason Why Is SICK

There is significantly more evil in the world than I had ever imagined, but there is also a whole boatload of stupid too. When you mix the two together you get something that looks an awful lot like Horacio Alvarado, a 32 year-old illegal alien who raped his 17 year-old step daughter.

Oh, but he didn’t do it for no good reason. No you see, this monster had a grand plan, if you can call it that. And it’s probably as bad or worse than you’re imagining.

According to the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Office, Alvarado is being charged with three felonies: first-degree sexual assault resulting in his stepdaughter’s pregnancy, sexual assault of a child and incest, following his violent crime. The reason he decided to rape and impregnate the teen? So, he could have an “anchor baby” and avoid an impending deportation.

While anchor babies do make it more difficult for the illegal parents to be sent home, they are not entirely exempt from being removed back to their country of origin. I’d prefer they drop him off over a large expanse of water, but perhaps that’s just me.

The young victim recounted the assault to the police, saying that Alvarado had been sexually abusing her since she was 14 years-old. She said the incidents would take place when her mother was either sleeping or at work, though police noted that she did become aware of the abuse and did nothing to prevent it.

Did I mention that that large expanse of water should also be shark-infested? Preferably really hungry sharks.

The police report notes that the child eventually came forward to her mother, alerting her to the fact that she had become pregnant with her stepfather’s child following the abuse.

The mother has been charged with child neglect for allowing the sexual abuse to continue without intervention.

This couple should be strung up from the rafters and beaten with sticks. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior and it makes me sick that a woman would be able to know that her child was being victimized by a man she loved and trusted, and did nothing to stop it. What is wrong with people?

If he’s not immediately deported after this with no chance of legal re-entry, then it will solidify the fact that our justice system and our government as a whole has failed the American people. He doesn’t deserve to be here.

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