RED ALERT: ISIS Issues Terrifying Warning For ‘Christmas Massacre’ – Their Target Is…

RED ALERT: ISIS Issues Terrifying Warning For ‘Christmas Massacre’ – Their Target Is…

As much as I would like to believe that ISIS isn’t capable of carrying out a plan on so grand a scale, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In fact, I firmly believe that those beasts are able to do just about anything they set their mind to and that should frighten all of us considering their penchant for violence.

Now, they are promising to attack Pope Francis this Christmas. To be fair, most of the “promises” they make never actually come to fruition, but on the off chance that they take advantage of our complacency and actually DO what they’ve been wanting to do, the entire world would be launched into turmoil. We’re talking World War III overnight.

While they may not hold the power they once did, ISIS has not been deterred from conducting their evil deeds.

A pro-ISIS media group called the Wafa Media Foundation recently released a propaganda poster for the terrorist organization entitled “Christmas Blood” which seemed to imply that something disastrous would be happening at the Vatican, specifically to the Pope.

They also released a video in which you could see clips of the terror they imposed on the Philippine city of Marawi when they attacked a Catholic Church. They also ripped up a photo of Pope Francis and threatened to come to Rome. Something tells me they weren’t going there on a sight-seeing tour.

But this isn’t the first time they’ve made threats (and then proceeded to make good on them) during this holy time of year.

Last year, a truck mowed into a crowd of people at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people, and we all know about the rise in truck-related attacks that have been carried out by radical Islamists across the western world.

The President can be faulted for a lot of things and I’m one of the people who is more than willing to jump on his back, but he is doing it right when it comes to our strategy to fight ISIS. He’s taking it more seriously than Obama did with his “JV” quips. It feels good to have a President who actually takes your safety and the safety of the nation as a whole seriously. As if each individual person – regardless of sex, gender, religious affiliation, etc. – matters. Regardless of our political differences, we all need to come together and encourage our President to fight this head on and not shove it to the back burner like Obama.

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