Inner City Thug Attacks Arizona Trucker… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

Inner City Thug Attacks Arizona Trucker… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

Bad day for this thug…

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A New York thug thought it would be a good idea to verbally attack an Arizona trucker. What he didn’t consider is the possibility that the trucker…could beat his ass down.

From the looks of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he saw his life flash before his eyes. The trucker was patient for a short while only responding with verbal ‘colorful’ words…but his patience grew thin real fast.

WARNING: Offensive language.

Well, that didn’t end very well for this thug. Don’t ever start talking at someone with fighting words just to get your crap pushed in.


And…embarrassing. Poor fella. Maybe now he won’t be such a bully. Sometimes all a bully needs is their own bully to teach them a lesson.

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