He Was in Jail for Murdering His Wife & Then Her Family Saw 4 Chilling Words on His Dating Profile

For Jonathan Crupi, it apparently isn’t enough for him to have destroyed a family by brutally murdering his wife. He created an online dating profile from prison, where he rubbed salt in the wound.

jonathan crupi

From the Independent Journal:

Jonathan Crupi is currently serving out a jail sentence for murdering his wife, beloved New York teacher Simeonette Mapes.

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The 34-year-old pushed her down a flight of stairs and then stabbed her repeatedly.

Authorities have also indicated that, after the murder, he had sexual relations with a prostitute, adding further insult to the memory of his wife.

Well, it looks like Crupi isn’t finished on that front.

NBC has reported that the convicted murderer has created an online dating profile while behind bars, on a website called convictedpenpals.com.

The family of his dead wife was horrified to learn the contents of this dating profile.


Here is what some of it reads:

“I’m not married and I don’t have any kids.

No baby-mama drama here!”

The victim’s mother, Theresa Mapes, was positively shocked.

She said it felt like a personal attack:

“It was just the way that he wrote that, it was like an attack on us.

That’s how I felt. It was an attack on this family. Like he hasn’t enough.”

“He took my world away, he destroyed my world, he destroyed my life, he destroyed my family.”

“It’s like my daughter meant nothing.”

Some people truly just have no shame. It’s just awful that his wife’s family had to see for themselves that he has absolutely no remorse.

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