40,000 Christians Have Been Persecuted By Muslims In Germany

40,000 Christians Have Been Persecuted By Muslims In Germany

The Crusades are back on. With Muslims flooding into Europe to re-conquer European civilization, nations like Germany are surrendering their culture and nation to the flood of refugees. Unbelievably, while the left loves to pretend that it is a solemn duty to give carte blanc to these invaders, Christians are being persecuted and abused in Germany by the tens-of-thousands and few seem to notice or care.


From Breitbart:

A new study shows that potentially thousands of Christians have been attacked and harassed in German migrant homes by Muslim guards and fellow migrants.

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Multiple human rights organizations are warning the German government of the conditions that Christians in asylum homes are being subjected to. One organization in particular has chronicled 231 specific cases of the harassment of Christians by Muslim migrants and Muslim security guards in asylum homes.

Open Doors is a humanitarian relief organization that specializes in helping Christians who are persecuted worldwide. Markus Rode, a member of the group, said that the study is only “the tip of the iceberg” and called for more action to address the problemFrankfurter Allgemeine reports.

The report from Open Doors chronicles varying types of abuse. Christians in the study came mostly from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and were recent converts to the faith.

Breitbart London has reported many times of the challenges of migrants who have chosen to forgo Islam and convert to Christianity. Many converts wished to do so in their homelands, but in places like Iran and Afghanistan the penalty for leaving the Islamic religion can be death and so they fled to Europe. Now in European asylum homes they are finding more and more that they are in as much danger from radical Muslims in Europe as they were in their home countries.

The most prevalent form of abuse was verbal insults with 96 people saying that had received abuse or threats. Eighty-six said they had been physically assaulted and 73 said they had been subjected to death threats against themselves and family members. Three quarters of the migrants also said they had been victims of multiple attacks.

The perpetrators of most of the attacks were fellow migrants who look down on converts and believe them to be apostates. Perhaps, more interestingly was the prevalence of Muslim security guards who participated in the attacks. Almost half of those surveyed said they had received abuse from security guards and in the German capital of Berlin the figure rose to two-thirds. Many of the security guards hired to keep order and protect migrants regularly come from migrant backgrounds themselves and even more often have no qualifications.

Volker Baumann of Action for Persecuted Christians (AVC) says the situation is far bigger than 231 migrants, claiming that up to 40,000 Christians are persecuted for their faith in Germany according to the group’s research.

Baumann joined Rode and several others who represent Christian charities at a press conference where they recommended the German government house Christians in separate homes, increase the number of non-Muslim security guards, and reach out to Christian migrants who may not report incidents of abuse for fear of reprisal from Muslims in their asylum homes.

While there are some who are fleeing the Middle East out of fear of violence, the fact is that this tide of refugees flooding Europe is wreaking havoc on a massive scale.

Women are not safe in Germany any longer as the Shariah-obsessed crowd becomes more and more plentiful and each and every nation in the West is endangered by the threat of terrorists crossing borders into Europe and gaining access to other nations.

Will the Western world ever wise-up?

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