Jared Fogle Should be TERRIFIED After This Interview with Inmates

Jared Fogle Should be TERRIFIED After This Interview with Inmates

If there is one crime those in lockup can agree is more egregious than the others, it would be child sex crimes. Thus, celebrity sandwich peddler Jared Fogle is probably not going to have the easiest time behind bars. We know this because of an interview conducted by Vice, in which several inmates were asked what they thought was going to happen to Fogle during his sentence. And yeah, it’s probably as bad as you think.


From IJReview:

Now that Subway’s former spokesperson, Jared Fogle, has pled guilty to possession of child porn and is copping a plea deal for other, similar, criminal infractions, it looks like he is going to be spending some time in jail.

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What will it be like to serve hard time as one of America’s most notorious pedophiles?

Not too pleasant, according to a number of inmates that spoke to Vice about the disgraced sandwich peddler.

Most inmates agree that he is going to be singled out and treated harshly.

One former inmate named Steve expounded on the idea:

“Child molesters have minimal rights in federal prison,” he said.

“And given the high-profile nature of this case, I’m sure [Fogle’s] not going to even have the opportunity to leave his cell or cubicle without being harassed and threatened.

His best bet is to do his time in segregation where no one can get to him.”

One ex-inmate named Judge did not mince words when he graphically described how Fogle was sure to be treated once he got to prison:

“With any luck, he’ll go to a place where they’ll extort the s*** out of him before they kick his face off.

If he came to the pen, it’d be a wrap, he wouldn’t have time to even put his bedroll down, because he’d be the prize—someone you’d get famous off of for smashing out.”

Another prisoner, named Tim, agreed:

“As far as the Subway guy goes,” he said

“He will be hurt or worse once he lands in there.”

However, many prisons have special facilities designed for sex offenders.

If he lands in one of these, then his punishment won’t be so severe, as Tim suggested:

“I think the Bureau is tired of paying for all of the hospital bills and perhaps lawsuits over them getting smashed everywhere they go, so they have whole prisons of them.”

One current prisoner named Will, who is doing 16 years for a cocaine conspiracy charge, said that Fogle’s celebrity status would actually help him survive prison life:

“He’ll be treated like a king,” he said.

“He’ll get to play softball and be treated like a star.

Jared Fogle is set to serve anywhere from 5 to 12 years behind bars.

You’ll have to excuse me if I can’t find it within myself to pity the man who admitted to sexually assaulting children.

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