Can You Believe The EPA Did Something This Stupid AGAIN?

Can You Believe The EPA Did Something This Stupid AGAIN?

Holy crap! I had not even heard of this story. Five months ago at an old Georgia cotton mill, the EPA had another backhoe oopsie, just as they did recently concerning a Colorado gold mine. But the press didn’t pick it up at all. The EPA, while grading the site, struck a water main that contained sediment flows that carry dangerous mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium downstream to Lake Oconee and then to the Oconee River — home to many federally and state protected species. Lead in the soil at the project site is 20,000 times higher than federal levels established for drinking water. The EPA at first lied about having anything to do with the site and then five months later admitted involvement. They claimed they were conducting environmental justice and intended to build low income housing. The EPA issued a grant in 2005 to turn the mill and surrounding grounds into a housing complex for the mentally ill, homeless and indigent. Contractors working with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD) have started digging and tearing down the buildings — despite objections by the city of Greensboro and the absence of a plan to deal with the hazardous waste. They just don’t give a crap if those they move in there get sick and die. Progressive justice in play.

EPA Second Spill

From Gateway Pundit:

HAZARDOUS EXCAVATION: An EPA project results in a broken water main, which flooded toxic dirt into a nearby creek. (Watchdog)

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The EPA caused a toxic spill of 3 million gallons of poisonous waste into a system of Colorado rivers earlier this month.

But that wasn’t the EPA’s first toxic spill this year.

The EPA sent deadly sediment into a Georgia water system from an the 19th century Mary Leila Cotton Mill. reported:

Still reeling from a disaster it created at a Colorado gold mine, the EPA has so far avoided criticism for a similar toxic waste spill in Georgia.

In Greensboro, EPA-funded contractors grading a toxic 19th-century cotton mill site struck a water main, sending the deadly sediment into a nearby creek. Though that accident took place five months ago, the hazard continues as heavy storms — one hit the area Tuesday — wash more soil into the creek.

The sediment flows carry dangerous mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium downstream to the Lake Oconee and then to Oconee River — home to many federally and state protected species.

Lead in the soil is 20,000 times higher than federal levels established for drinking water, said microbiologist Dave Lewis, who was a top-level scientist during 31 years at the Environmental Protection Agency.

He became a whistleblower critical of EPA practices and now works for Focus for Health, a nonprofit that researches disease triggers.

“Clearly, the site is a major hazardous chemical waste dump, which contains many of the most dangerous chemical pollutants regulated by the EPA,” Lewis wrote in a 2014 affidavit for a court case filed by local residents that failed to prevent the EPA project: creating a low-income housing development.

The mill site contains 34 hazardous chemicals, 30 of which are on the EPA’s list of priority pollutants because of “high toxicity, persistence, lack of degradability, and harmful effects on living organisms,” Lewis wrote.

The EPA has not responded to questions concerning this project. The agency has offered conflicting statements about its involvement in the project, alternating between knowing nothing, providing only data and guidance, and acknowledging that it funded cleanup and development at the site through a grant to the state. In other words, they have been lying and covering their butts on this one. Wonder how much they paid the media to stay away? The EPA pointed to a bogus study in 2010 that showed low contamination. However, Lewis took his own samples and said he was staggered by them. Per “The EPA’s website says Brownfield’s projects are part of the agency’s mandate “to make environmental justice an integral part of every program, policy and activity by…. Applying EPA’s regulatory tools to protect vulnerable communities.”” What a horrific joke. They are just barely cleaning up the site and then slapping a development on it. Wonder if they will stick refugees or illegal aliens there? They obviously don’t give a rip about the mentally ill – I guess they figure no one will notice as they get sicker and die. Somewhere in all this the EPA is making money… getting funds from the government for doing this evil deed. Calling Erin Brockovich…

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