Key Ferguson Witness Dorian Johnson Previously Pled Guilty to Filing False Police Report

You can see why Obama had to dispatch Eric Holder himself to Ferguson to oversee the railroading of Darren Wilson. This isn’t a job for lower-level boobs like Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The case against Wilson relies on the testimony of Michael Brown’s lowlife cohort Dorian Johnson, whose credibility just reached absolute zero:

Johnson, 22, may be the closest eyewitness to the shooting. He has repeatedly told media since Saturday that he and Brown were walking in the middle of the street when the officer pulled up and ordered them to “get the F on the sidewalk” and grabbed Brown, 18, in the throat. Johnson disputed the statement by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar that Brown reached in the car and struggled for the officer’s gun.

Johnson has said that the officer shot Brown, who ran. The officer ran after him and Brown put up his hands in surrender, and the officer shot him again.

Not a likely story, but the liberals running the government and media have descended to new levels of self-parody in their eagerness to believe it.

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Johnson’s résumé is about what you would expect:

He attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City for two semesters in 2011, but “wound up back here, struggling to find a job,” [his lawyer Freeman] Bosley said.

During the summer after his first semester at Lincoln, Johnson was charged with a misdemeanor after giving police a false first name after he was arrested on suspicion of theft. He later pleaded guilty.

He was accused of stealing a package containing a backpack belonging to someone else from an apartment complex. When he was arrested in that case, he identified himself as Derrick Johnson and said he was 16.

If Michael Brown is a “teen” because he was 18 when he evidently committed suicide by cop, being 16 would have qualified Johnson as a babe in arms, protecting him from punishment.

An officer found a student ID card in his sock identifying him as Dorian Johnson. Johnson told him he was carrying a friend’s ID, but two Lincoln University Police Officers recognized him as Dorian Johnson. He pleaded guilty in circuit court to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report.

You probably aren’t surprised that scumbags lie to the police. But establishment journalists will be shocked, assuming they ever get the news.

Cheer up, liberals. Given the right jury, Wilson will be found guilty of murder, no matter how obviously bogus the case against him.

Absurdly, the media takes Johnson’s word over that of the police.

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