LOOTING TOURISM: Report: “Large Number” Of Arrested Ferguson Protesters From Illinois & Texas

LOOTING TOURISM: Report: “Large Number” Of Arrested Ferguson Protesters From Illinois & Texas

Protestors in Ferguson have eagerly jumped onto the evil white cops bandwagon after the death of Michael Brown, happily turning Brown into a martyr and using him as an excuse to “protest” by attacking police officers and journalists, and looting businesses that had nothing to do with the Michael Brown incident whatsoever. Now it turns out that many of the protestors aren’t even from Ferguson to begin with.


…“People have been tweeting, ‘We are ready to die tonight,’ ” said Mary Pat Hector, a national youth organizer with the Rev. Al Sharpton’s national action network. “It is a trending topic.”

Hector traveled from Atlanta, hoping her presence as a non violent protester would help counter what she described as “so much negative energy.”

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Then there are the looters, leaderless men who under cover of nightly political protest target liquor stores, beauty-supply shops and other businesses with inventories easy to sell and in high demand.

Ferguson police officials would not quantify how many looters have been arrested since the Brown shooting but presented a Washington Post reporter with a stack of roughly 50 arrest reports. While some of those arrested for stealing are from Ferguson, a large number have addresses listed in Illinois or in Texas.

“It’s like looting tourism,” an officer commented as he showed the reports. He asked not to be named. “It’s like they are spending their gas money to come down here and steal.”

What does it say about these people that they would, as the officer said, spend their money to come to Ferguson solely to participate in looting? As much as liberals try to paint this as a fight for civil rights, let’s call it what it really is: a bunch of criminals gathering in Ferguson to participate in criminal activities.

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