Man JAILED after he took pictures of himself sexually abusing a BABY

Man JAILED after he took pictures of himself sexually abusing a BABY

A young man has been jailed after police found pictures of him sexually abusing a sleeping baby in a pram and a young toddler. The accused, John Long, also abused a young toddler and had thousands of sick images of kids and “extreme” animal porn stored on his computer, a court heard the case.


From the Mirror:

John Long, 20, also had thousands of sick images stored on the hard drive of his computer – including indecent images of kids and “extreme” animal porn.

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Police acting on a tip off he was downloading sick images raided Long’s home.

When interviewed he admitted looking at the thousands of images for “sexual satisfaction” – but claimed he was only interested in girls.

An officer trawling through thousands of images in the vile stash subsequently spotted photographs of Long molesting two very young boys.

Long, of Larchwood Avenue, Maghull, Liverpool, later told police: “My head is messed up.”

At Liverpool Crown Court he admitted two counts of sexual assault, two counts of making and one count of possessing indecent images of children, in relation to the two boys.

Long also pleaded guilty to seven counts of making and five counts of possessing indecent images, plus possession of cannabis.

Judge Brian Cummings, QC, handed Long two years and eight months in a young offenders institution for the “gross breach of trust”.

The court had heard he took six photos of himself sexually assaulting his victims.

Sarah Holt, prosecuting, said the hard drives contained 324 Category A pictures – the most serious category – plus 504 Category B and 4,234 Category C images.

She said there were a further 48 Category A, 35 Category B and seven Category C videos on the seven devices.

Long had 3,074 banned images of children including cartoons, plus 37 pictures and two videos depicting extreme porn and bestiality.

Ms Holt said: “Importantly the Crown would say, he told officers he had never acted on these instincts, only looked at the images in his bedroom.

“When interviewed again after he was identified in the photos, he made full and frank admissions.

“He said he had been collecting indecent images of children for years.

“He said he didn’t know why he did it and thinks his head is messed up.”

John Rowan, defending, said Long had been subject to threats since the offences came to light.

He said: “As well as the feelings of remorse, of shame, of utter disgust in himself, there has been a feeling of relief.

“Relief that he has been caught, relief from the guilt that he has endured since these offences were committed, and relief that he now is finally able to get the help that he has been wanting, but could not yet bring himself to ask for.”

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Mr Rowan added that his client had an “unpleasant” early childhood, suffered from severe malnutrition at the age of four, and was taken away from his mum.

After he was fostered, Long was removed from mainstream education because of behavioural difficulties and diagnosed with ADHD, for which he is on medication.

The judge imposed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and told Long to sign on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

After the case, Detective Constable Laura Gough said: “We welcome the sentencing of John Long for these offences.

“This was a particularly nasty case involving not only the possession of pornographic images of children but also the sexual assault of two children.

“Merseyside Police takes every report of sexual offences extremely seriously and has dedicated officers who are specially trained to both thoroughly investigate allegations and make sure that those reporting them are properly supported.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reassure anyone who has suffered a sexual offence that if you can find the courage to come forward and speak to us, we will deal with you sensitively and make sure that reports are properly and thoroughly investigated.”

This is a special kind of human I like to classify as dog vomit. I hope he enjoys his reservation for the afterlife – I have heard it’s hotter that hell.

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