An intern cured dog’s mystery illness by doing this moments before he was meant to be put to sleep [VIDEO]

An intern cured dog’s mystery illness by doing this moments before he was meant to be put to sleep [VIDEO]

Ollie the collie meant so much to his family, but they made the decision to put him to sleep when a mystery illness left him with paralysis so severe that he could no longer walk, stand or even go to the toilet. This could have had a sad ending but instead you will cry tears of joy.


From Metro:

They had to take him to the vets just to empty his bladder, and when they heard the illness could be caused by anything from cancer to a backbone fracture, they decided the kindest thing would be to end his suffering.

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But when the day came, he was saved at the last moment when an intern working at the veterinary surgery in Portland, Oregon had the perception to notice something very small.

Minutes before he was given the injection which would end his life, the intern spotted a tiny tick latched on behind his ear, KPTV reports.

It was less than a centimeter across but nevertheless had the potential to cause the problems he was suffering.

Paralysis caused by ticks is extremely rare, but can happen as they have a neurotoxin in their saliva which can build up to cause the problem.

Miraculously, less than 12 hours after the tick was removed the dog, which had been so close to death, was totally back to normal, wagging his tail and trotting around.

‘The next morning my mom opened the door and said ‘look at your doggie’ and he comes walking up to me, and I’m barely awake, and just smiled at me,’ owner Falline Fate said.

This could be your furry friend! Make sure you have him checked well for ticks.

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