After A Man Roughed Up His Sister, He Was Delivered BRUTAL INSTANT KARMA [VIDEO]

After A Man Roughed Up His Sister, He Was Delivered BRUTAL INSTANT KARMA [VIDEO]

I like a backyard fight just as much as the next fellow. Check out this video of an altercation between what appears to be, two large people. It can only be described adequately with a meme of our dear captain Jean-Luc Picard.

It looks like a cat fight gone wrong. This kind of violence wouldn’t happen if the minimum wage was 15 dollars an hour. Bernie Sanders told me.

Now, I do not know the context of this situation, so I can only go off of context clues. My first reaction was, don’t these people have jobs? What are they doing in the middle of broad daylight fighting like a bunch of animals? Weren’t they taught better as children? Then I realized this is probably what their parents did in their spare time when they were growing up. Where else would they have learned this kind of behavior?

The large gentleman in the dark colored shirt looks like a budding MMA fighter. Just look at those combinations to the head of the gentleman with his trousers hanging off his rear end. It’s a tragedy that this country has been so discriminatory towards him, being black and all, that he cannot afford trousers that properly rest around his waist and buttocks. What a shame. I would be willing to sponsor the other young man who came to the aid of his sister in a Rocky-esque shot for fame and glory. Can we get this man in the ring against Floyd Mayweather?

I mean, I know Floyd is old and all, and he just got his 50th win which is a nice round number, so I’m sure he won’t want to jeopardize it against this killing machine. Although, his 50th did come against Conor McGregor, so it kinda doesn’t really count. Maybe he should come out of retirement to face this young street fighter a la Rocky V. It would be a really cool ending to a star studded career. Or maybe he should just stick to fighting ideas.

Another thing we need to bring up is concussion awareness. That poor gentleman who was only trying to defend his sister (or is it sistah?), looked like he needed immediate medical attention. He should not be catching touchdown passes from Tom Brady anytime soon. I think Roger Goodell could start some kind of foundation where he sponsors backyard fights in the hood and then takes the best ones to training camp for the Eagles, kind of like the Invincible movie with Mark Wahlberg. The possibilities are endless.

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