Man torches car and drinks a PBR; police not thrilled.

Man torches car and drinks a PBR; police not thrilled.

A Wisconsin man named Christopher M. Johnson admitted to using charcoal and lighter fluid to torch another man’s car. Johnson thought his girlfriend was having an affair with the other man, so he took a hot action.

johnson car fire

From Lacrosse Tribune:

The car’s owner told police he had given Johnson’s girlfriend a ride home from a bar but he’d had too much to drink and left the car parked behind her house. He said he’d never met her or Johnson before.

The girlfriend said Johnson came home and accused her of cheating on him; he then went outside and returned smiling and saying he’d burned the car, at which point she looked out the window and called 911.

Police found Johnson sitting on a porch across from the burning car. He was holding a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and looked very nonchalant. At first he played silly and didn’t seem like he would tell police the answers they sought after. Finally, he confessed to lighting the ex-girlfriend’s car on fire.

This arsonist attack was the result of a “guess” and the man failed.

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