Mother Too Busy On Her Phone To Notice Her Son Was Drowning – He Didn’t Make It [VIDEO]

Mother Too Busy On Her Phone To Notice Her Son Was Drowning – He Didn’t Make It [VIDEO]


I simply cannot fathom the horror this mother feels as she sees how close she was to her child while he drowned to death. And the reason is just as terrible. She was too busy on her phone to realize that her son was drowning behind her.

We live in a media saturated world. You almost cannot help but become overwhelmed by the mass amounts of access to the “world.” Social media is just one example of this. And it is pulling us away from the world that we actually live in. This alternate reality is becoming our reality as we trade conversation for stimulation. And it is taking us away from the things that matter most, in this case, this woman’s child. And it cost him his life.

You can watch the video here. But it is graphic. The death of her sun is literally caught on camera while she simply stares at her phone. You can see that the woman suddenly realizes he is missing, unaware that he is only ten feet away from her under the water. She leaves the water to seek help finding the little child, but it is too late. It took an entire hour for her and others to find the body.

We all need to learn from this. It might not be a pool and a child that we look away from, but I can guarantee we are sacrificing important things for our phones. Put them away and talk to the people around you. Even if we are alone, I think the world could benefit from some time in silence not spent staring at a device….

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