After BREXIT, Liberals LOST It – In SHOCK To See This Happen To Britain Now!

After BREXIT, Liberals LOST It – In SHOCK To See This Happen To Britain Now!

Right after BREXIT, if you listened carefully, you could hear the terrifying, but more obnoxious sound of Liberals gasping as they declared that Britain would regret their choice and it would serve them right.


Apparently, according to them, Brexit was suppose to TANK the economy and force everything the British held near and dear to fall into a dark spiral of DEATH!

But…as per then, now and for always…they were wrong.


In fact, they weren’t only wrong, but they couldn’t be any more farther from the truth of what is happening now!

Britain ended 2016, as… wait for it:

THE STRONGEST OF THE WORLD’S ADVANCED ECONOMIES…but that’s not all, they are also just in the last 6 months proving to have the most accelerated growth.

This ‘growth’ started soon after BREXIT.

Just to be real clear on how WRONG Liberals were…

Business activity in Britain hit a 17-month ALL TIME high just last month. This means that the economy itself has grown by 2.2 percent just last year which happens to be more than the six other leading nations, and SURPRISE, SURPRISE… that includes the U.S., Germany AND Japan.

Of course with Obama running things around here, I guess it’s not THAT much of a surprise, right?

Isn’t that something though? As soon as the British told the EU to piss off, the tables turned for the positive and you can’t help but appreciate just how much respect for the will of the people and existence of sovereignty can do!

Britain is thriving. That is sovereignty.

Here’s hoping that it will continue to get better for Britain. I have a feeling though that we have nothing to worry about, after Brexit and then Trump taking the White House, it really sets the example of just how many people reject globalism and are in favor of national sovereignty.

I don’t doubt that we will be experiencing this same kind of growth…once Trump steps into the White House.

13 more days!

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