Mother smiles in mugshot after suffocating her two children to death during custody fight

Mother smiles in mugshot after suffocating her two children to death during custody fight

The thought of a mother killing her own children, especially extremely young children, is one of the most shocking and horrifying things that we can imagine. That is exactly what Sonya Spoon did, though — and she even smiled proudly for her mugshot after she confessed.


A 24-year-old mother has confessed to using plastic bags to kill her two young children at her Maryland home, according to police.

Sonya Spoon, 24, is being held without bond on two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Ayden Spoon, one, and Kayla Thompson, three.

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A police mugshot released today shows her bizarrely smiling for the camera.

Paramedics were called to her home in Prince George’s County to treat two unconscious children at around 2am on Sunday.

The pair were both taken to Children’s Hospital in Washington, where they died a few hours later.

Police say the mother waved her Miranda rights today and gave a very detailed statement of what occurred when she suffocated them.

… According to WTOP, court records show Spoon was involved in a lengthy custody battle with Lester Thompson, the father of her eldest child.

It stated records filed in Calvert County show Spoon demanded a paternity test in February which showed he was the biological father.

Court records also show Spoon refused to sign a custody agreement in May and then was then granted primary custody.

One sad statement about our society is that it will almost immediately be assumed that she is mentally ill, and her sentence will almost definitely be more lenient than if it had been the children’s father doing the confessing. We are sympathetic towards women who commit such acts of unspeakable evil, yet always assume the worst of a man who commits the same crime. Should women not be held to the same standards that men are when they commit the same horrible crimes?

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