Russian Bombers Practice Nuclear Strike Against The US and No Jets Are Scrambled To Stop Them

Russian Bombers Practice Nuclear Strike Against The US and No Jets Are Scrambled To Stop Them

Russia has invaded Ukraine, and is flexing their muscles to see how far they can go before the rest of the world reacts. So far, they know that they can practice nuclear missile strikes near North America, and suffer no repercussions at all.


Russian bomber jets practiced cruise missile attacks last week during a key NATO summit held in Wales.

According to Bill Gertz of The Washington Free Beacon, two Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers were tracked flying a route across the northern Atlantic. The route took the bombers near Iceland, Greenland, and then northeastern Canada.

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… Gertz reports that no American or Canadian fighter jets were scrambled to stop the the bombers because they stayed outside the North American Air Defense Identification Zone; and additional details of the incident that transpired of the Labrador Sea, located between Greenland and the Labrador Peninsula, could not be obtained, except that it took place during the NATO summit in Wales held Thursday and Friday.

… Gertz also reported that at least 16 bomber incursions by the Russians were conducted in the northwestern United States and Canadian air defense zones during the course of ten days, the largest incursions of any kind since the end of the cold war.

Russian-owned site Russia Today headlined this story “Russian strategic bombers reportedly practice nuclear missile strike against US.”

Vladimir Putin seemingly wants to rebuild the USSR and start the Cold War, Part Two. The sad thing is, if that’s true, no one will lift a finger to stop him — and especially not our pitiful excuse for a president, whose weakness is exactly what allowed Russia to fill the power vacuum caused by our absence as the foremost superpower in the world.

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