A New Orlean Saints player’s Facebook response to Ferguson goes super viral and it’s not hard to see why

I admire this young man’s candor and honesty. He gives us real hope. I think we all share many of his feelings. There is indeed still racism to be found in the US – of all colors. And no doubt, Ferguson was a tragedy. But not one of race… one of morality. The evidence is overwhelming that Officer Wilson went by the book and acted in self-defense. Brown charged him, wrestled with Wilson in his car and tried to get his gun. If you do that, you are going to get shot and that is exactly what happened. But to gin up people and justify barbarity simply due to the color of their skin – making the race of the Officer and the perpetrator the issue and not the crime – that truly is a sin.

From Young Conservatives:

This is exactly what this country needs.

I don’t agree with everything he says, but it seems he is a man honestly seeking truth. If people would just ask questions, reflect, and look at the facts first before immediately trying to create narratives 99% of our problems would be fixed.

Powerful words from New Orleans Saints’ player Benjamin Watson. It has almost 400,000 likes already, considering his page has only 32,000 likes that is incredibly viral. I hope his message inspires more people to look critically at the issue.


He knows that the only real truth and hope lies in Jesus. If we can unite around that, there is no reason we can’t all make positive changes in this fallen world.

I can see why this went viral as it should have. It appeals to the inherent goodness of Americans, instead of the baseness that the race hustlers, terrorists and radical extremists are trying to exploit. People who truly believe in Jesus are not out there rioting and burning down stores, plotting bomb attacks, trashing police cars and killing people they think ratted on them. No… those are the true bad guys. The bad guys also include those in government who held back the National Guard from doing their job to save businesses and lives – namely Governor Nixon, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama and Eric Holder. They also include race pimps such as Al Sharpton, the communists, the New Black Panthers and the Jihadists. America… know thy true enemy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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