No Prison For Man Who Cuts 3 Yr-Old’s Throat Then Dumps Body In The ‘Name Of Allah’

No Prison For Man Who Cuts 3 Yr-Old’s Throat Then Dumps Body In The ‘Name Of Allah’

A supposed schizophrenic father who cut his 3 year-old son’s throat and threw his body down a mine shaft was found not guilty of murder due to mental inability and just might be released, if bogus doctors convince the court.

In 2010, Aliya Zilic was regulated to be held without say of when he would be released, at a mental hospital for the 2008 killing of his son, Imran. The court went ahead and labeled him NOT guilty and why? For mental incompetence.

Zilic is said to have driven his son through the outback of Australia before slicing his throat, killing him. His excuse for the unforgivable crime is that his ex-wife was “working for the devil” and was “possessed by demons.”

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Bull crap. This man murdered his son out of spite and delusion over his ex-wife. What an injustice.

“[Zilic] said Allah’s name and dropped him in a shaft,” prosecutor Jim Pearce explained to the court for full effect.

Zilic’s lawyer, Bronwen Waldron, gave the typical scumbag excuse for these animals and said that Zilic’s state of mind “obliterated any sense of what he had done and what he was doing.”

Years following the slaying, the Australian Supreme Court has heard that Zilic’s doctors were pushing to give him the chance to be set free, but under a supervision order that would allow him 24 outings under the watch of two guards, as well as 24 others with another staff of supervisors – a massive waste of resources for a child killer in the phony excuse of his phony God. He should have been dead by now.

Many readers called for the man to be sent off to prison for his crime, disregarding the notion that he was mentally incompetent at the time.

“These horrible people need to pay for their crimes,” another wrote. “Murdering innocent child is so damn wrong and yet no punishment because they are damn muslims! If anyone else had done this they would be in jail and most likely end up in prison, why are these horrible people treated with kid gloves by the law and governments!! God says love your fellow man but I feel nothing but anger and hatred towards these people! I know that not all are evil but the good say or do nothing towards the evil ones.”

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