Now We Know How Casey Anthony ‘Paid’ For Her EXPENSIVE Murder Defense

Now We Know How Casey Anthony ‘Paid’ For Her EXPENSIVE Murder Defense

I was obsessed with the Casey Anthony case and still believe it was one of the biggest injustices to ever take place on American soil. My heart and soul ached for that little girl’s killer to be put behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives. Like most of America, I believed that all of the evidence pointed directly to the mother of this precious little baby.

Now we’re hearing from a private investigator that Anthony’s successful defense was paid for not in cash, but in flesh.

Grab a bucket, because it gets worse from here.

Casey Anthony was defended by Jose Baez, which was not a cheap defense I’m sure. She wasn’t exactly swimming in money, so how on Earth did she manage to afford his services?

According to a private investigator: Sex.

One incident between Anthony and Baez was said by the investigator to have occurred on Sept. 5, 2008.

Baez arranged for Anthony to give a television interview, but she was reluctant to do so. Baez allegedly “called the network saying they would have to take a raincheck, hung up the phone and said to Casey: ‘You now owe me 3 blowjobs.’”

Say it with me now, EWWWWW.

Dominic Casey, who was hired by Baez, claims to have seen Anthony drop by her lawyer’s office without an appointment and run through a conference room and the hallway naked.

“That night, I told her that she cannot allow him to continue engaging in this behavior,” he said in the deposition.

“Casey told me she had to do what Jose said because she had no money for her defense,” he added.

The prosecutors for the Anthony murder case congratulated the defense for making the mother seem like a “vulnerable, small, scared young lady” by doing things like putting her in a small seat and having her cry at all the right times.

Just when I thought that woman couldn’t be more disgusting, she goes ahead and proves me wrong.


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