NYPD Rendered Powerless Against Naked Panhandlers Because They Were Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

NYPD Rendered Powerless Against Naked Panhandlers Because They Were Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

I was in New York City last week and boy howdy, am I glad I picked that particular week to visit. I wasn’t faced with naked people trying to get a quick buck and I managed to eat without being picked on by some raging vegan who wants to throat-punch meat eaters.

I was asked to sign some Planned Parenthood petition (I’m assuming they profiled me because of my gender and a lawsuit is in the works), but that is the extent of my interaction with crazy.

Some people weren’t so lucky.

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Costumed panhandlers are a common sight in New York City, with the largest concentration being in Times Square. There are eight “Designated Activity Zones” where they are allowed to do their thing and harass people for a dollar. Unfortunately, police aren’t actually allowed to do anything in response for people leaving the DAZs, especially the “desnudas.”

Desnudas are nude beggars who are painted up in red, white and blue body paint. They walk around wherever they please and the reason that the cops can’t go after them is absolutely maddening.

They are largely illegal immigrants. They claim that because of Bill De Blasio’s rules and laws surrounding the handling of those who are not here legally, they are just better off allowing the panhandlers to roam wherever they please.

I assure you that they are taking full advantage of that information. Unfortunately, one can foresee a significant drop in patronage to Times Square and the stores in that area because people don’t want to feel pressured.

Times Square Alliance President Tom Tompkins is fed up with the annoying characters who run around bugging people for pictures and money.

From the Daily Mail:

‘Watch — the Hulk always goes and touches people.’

The costumed beast was outside the 47th Street and Broadway zone and would berate potential costumers for money by putting his huge arms around them.

‘The Hulk drives me crazy,’ Tompkins said.

This is why pepper spray was invented.

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