City Council Reinstates Texas Judge Despite Her Not Being A U.S. Citizen

City Council Reinstates Texas Judge Despite Her Not Being A U.S. Citizen

Corpus Christie, Texas has been the center of controversy lately as it was discovered that a municipal court judge was not actually a legal resident of the United States, a requirement for the job. She was suspended without pay for 90 days.

City Council members decided to reinstate Judge Young Min Burkett at the end of her suspension, which was timed to allow her to complete the naturalization process.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio claims that there were no questions asked regarding her citizenship during the interview and qualification processes, meaning she never intentionally deceived anyone.

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Is lying by omission not still lying? If you know it was as a qualification (I would hope that she would have at least Googled her prospective job), you would think that knowing that information and withholding it would still lead to some sort of punishment like, I don’t know, not allowing her to preside over a courtroom? Given she has problems with legality and whatnot, I would see that as sort of a conflict of interest.

Now, she did become a natural citizen on July 5th, which was 51 days into her suspension, but she began her job in March of 2015, when she knew perfectly well that she was not a legal citizen and therefore would not be able to practice as a judge.

Rubio noted that this was an “administrative error,” though there have been concerns about the legality of the rulings she handed down between March 2015 and the first day of her suspension. Rubio decided that all of her rulings would stand and were lawful, which is totally wrong, in my unprofessional opinion. If a doctor gave you medical advice, but you later found out that he wasn’t licensed to practice medicine, would you actually follow it? I wouldn’t be surprised if people on the bad side of her rulings started suing her, though I don’t know how well that would go.

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