Pedophile hunting couple capture moment they caught pervert arriving to meet ’14-year-old girl’

Here’s your feel-good story of the day.

A couple created a fake teenage schoolgirl as ‘bait’ to catch a paedophile.

Katie and Neil Ivall put together a phoney Facebook profile for a 14-year-old girl they called ‘Kerry.’

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Craig Chapman was soon messaging the ‘youngster’ and telling her how he wanted to meet her for sex.

But when he turned up in a supermarket car park in Bedfordshire thinking he was meeting the schoolgirl for sex, he was met instead by Katie and Neil who filmed the encounter outside the store and called the police.

The couple’s film of their ‘sting’ has now been put on YouTube and starts with overweight Chapman, 35, on his mobile phone by the store’s entrance trying to call ‘Kerry’ to find out where she is.

He was, however, calling Katie, who – with husband Neil – was just feet away and moving in to expose the pervert.

The efforts of the husband and wife that day last October outside the Asda store in Dunstable resulted in Chapman being jailed for 16 months last month at Luton Crown Court.

The couple detained Chapman long enough for the police to get there and arrest him.

The photo is of the couple, not the pedophile. In case you didn’t get that.

Naturally, there’s a YouTube video…

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