Famous poet claims her neighbor gave her a house for $1 & now she’s accused of fraud

Famous poet claims her neighbor gave her a house for $1 & now she’s accused of fraud

Imagine this: You’re out of the country and you’re just doing your thing, enjoying yourself and loving life. Then you find out that your neighbor has taken possession of your home after filing a quitclaim deed, claiming that YOU gave it to her for a whopping $1.

That’s exactly the nightmare that Shamma Al Reyami is experiencing after well-known slam poet Dominique Johnson, aka Dominique Christine, filed for ownership of the home while Al Reyami was living in Germany.

Johnson was caught on video visiting the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s office on July 31, where she filed a quitclaim deed that purported to show Al Reyami passing ownership of her home over to Johnson. There’s just one problem.

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Al Reyami says that never happened.

The woman co-owns the house with her sister, but is currently living outside of the country. Her brother, who regularly checks on the house to make sure everything is on the up-and-up, noticed one day that someone was inside the property. He dialed up his sister and asked if she had sold or rented out the home without his knowledge. She said she had not and told her brother to call the police immediately.

When the authorities arrived on the scene, they found Johnson inside the home with a copy of the quitclaim deed which had already been signed and notarized. They decided that it was a civil matter and left.

On September 16th, however, the Aurora Police Economic Crimes Unit confirmed to a local news station that they are investigating the incident, with possible charges of fraud and burglary pending.

After receiving an email from Al Reyami alerting them to the fact that she did not authorize the transfer of ownership of her home, the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office took a closer look at both the quitclaim deed and the original deed to the home. They found that the signatures didn’t match and what’s more, there was only one signature on the deed.

This is not the first time that Johnson has been accused of fraud.

In 2002, she falsely claimed that she was a college professor in order to get free rent and supplied signed documents to the landlord to prove her claims. It was later discovered that she had lied and she was evicted from the home and arrested. The charges were later dropped.

In 2008, she pleaded guilty to using her mother’s signature to authorize payment for a breast augmentation and “tummy tuck” at the cost of $11,709.

In 2012, she again pleaded guilty to impersonating a Denver officer in order to receive money she was owed from another person. Those charges were also dropped.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this was the fact that Johnson blatantly lied about the house falling into disrepair and claiming that if it weren’t for her, the home would be a total mess. She sent photos that she claimed were of the house before and after her maintenance, but those were suspect.

You can see the obvious mess picture in the top left corner and other images showing what Johnson claimed to be her work cleaning the home.

Using Google’s reverse-search tool, the local news station found that these images were not actually of Al Reyami’s home, but of a home featured on an early episode of the hit TV show “Hoarders.”

Johnson has refused to comment further on this story.

And I personally hope they nail her to the wall.

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