Woman demands Hobby Lobby stop selling cotton decor because it’s ‘insensitive’ to black Americans

Woman demands Hobby Lobby stop selling cotton decor because it’s ‘insensitive’ to black Americans

A woman and her Facebook post are getting attention and the vast majority of it I doubt she want’s any part of. You see, this young, stupid girl thought she would showcase just how disconnected she is from the real world by posting a demand that a Texas Hobby Lobby should pull one of its decors from the shelf due to it being offensive to black people.

So, what was this ‘decor’ item that drove this woman to fight back against the man? Racism? Or ignorance? Oh that’s easy:

Cotton. It was a cotton plant in a jar. Now, if you didn’t just cock your head and immediately smell that something was completely wrong with this poor girl, you are broken. Daniell Rider is the race crusader that went onto her Facebook to sound off about raw cotton decorations displayed at a Hobby Lobby.

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Rider wrote: “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… a commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.”

She then finished it off: “A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS “decor.””

Alright, is this girl retarded? I mean that fully in a scientific way. Is she suffering from a brain ailment that retards her thought process? No? Okay, then she’s just an underprivileged American citizen with nothing better to do than make up fake controversies to get her through the day. This is her fix. Her reason for living. Her perceived relevancy. The only problem is she is relevant to no one.

Since she posted her idiotic false claim, it earned a huge response – more than 200,000 comments – and you can be sure that just about everyone of them intensely disagreed with the young Rider, with a number of them being black.

A lot of them didn’t see what the problem was with the plant, but rather saw the problem was Rider herself. Shanda Coombs wrote: “As a black person who had ancestors who were slaves and picked cotton, I’m not offended by the use of cotton as decor.”

She continued: “It’s a product that’s both useful and attractive. It’s not hateful or insensitive to display it or use it in any way. Let’s not get carried away! There are many hateful, bigoted symbols, thoughts and behaviors around us but this isn’t one of them! Plenty of white commenters pointed out that they or their ancestors had picked cotton too and that they saw the decorations as nice reminder of where they came from.”

You can’t help stupid. But you sure can mock them.

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